About Us


We strive to discover permanently capabilities, penetrate new merges and collaborations with leading companies in the advanced wound care market in Europe and establish partnerships with top manufacturers of advanced wound care products.


To become an active and recognized part of the European professional wound care market.

  • Our patients
  • Our partners and collaborators
  • Special attention to the products we use
  • Permanent improvement, aiming for excellence, through continuous training and research.
Our patients are:
  • people who have access at times to alternative treatments but they are simply unaware or do not know how to effectively make use of them;
  • people who do not have physically access to medical services or advice;
  • people who prefer privacy and confidentiality for their treatments or medical interventions, and they prefer the setting of their own homes;
  • people who cannot be transferred or transported to a medical facility

History in Brief

Care provided to older people has become a key issue in Europe, due to the increasing growth of the elderly population. The care for elderly involves home nursing, community, residential and hospitalization. Elderly prefer to be in their own homes and communities rather than being in hospital or residential homes.

In Cyprus, DITIS (Networked Collaboration Supporting Healthcare Teams) is a network of medical collaboration and a system that supports the dynamic creation, management and co-ordination of virtual collaborative medical teams, for the continuous treatment of patients at home and specialist healthcare centers. But Cyprus did not have district nurses to deal with wound care. The system was running differently to other western European countries, although there were few options available.
In Larnaca and Paralimni hospitals there used to be a nurse dealing with wound care, ECGs and providing the dressings. In Nicosia, a company which provided specialist wound care through VAC’s, they were dealing with smaller wounds too, although unaffordable for majority of the patients. Another option was to hire a private nurse to come daily to the house and do it. Depending on the type of wound and how long it will take to heal should influence one patient’s decision. Additionally if it was a minor wound the hospital can show patients how to do it.
Although in Cyprus there are centers to provide care-nursing rehabilitation services, a mobile unit specialized in wound monitoring and treatment at home was imperative. In Cyprus, it is quite common for the elderly to be taken care of by their families at home instead of sending them off to a nursing home. Therefore, for the sake of qualified treatment and ease for all parties we needed to get the family involved with the treatment in order to ensure compliance, faster wound healing and correct long term care.

Two years ago, under the initiative of Dr. Angelos Karatzias, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, holder of Specialty Diploma in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair, Wound healing - Professional Mobile Unit was formed. The company also known as AKP Wound Healing (AKP stands for Angelos Karatzias & Petsas) was officially established in October 2015.

This initiative brought together Dr. Karatzias, Angelos Petsas and Andreas Petsas in a strong and reliable partnership, based on knowledge, experience and dedication, and aiming to provide the community with a home care company dedicated to dealing with chronic wounds and traumas for people unable or unwilling to be transferred from their home, hospital or nursing home.

Our Team

Specialist Doctor
  • Angelos Karatzias – Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon, MD, MSc in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair (CV)

Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Andreas Petsas –  RN, BSc from Cyprus University of Technology Department of Nursing General Hospital of Nicosia, co-founded and currently owns and operates as CEO Ariti Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre in Nicosia.
  • Aggelos Petsas – RN, BSc, MSc from Cyprus University of Technology Department of Nursing. After gaining valuable skills and experience as a student with the Erasmus exchange program in UK (NHS / hospital), during the military service as a nurse at the Military Hospital / Mental health Department, and in the Pathology Ward at the General Hospital of Nicosia, Aggelos co-founded and currently owns and operates as CEO Ariti Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre in Nicosia. He successfully completed his Master program in Community Health Care towards Wound Prevention and Care. Aggelos Petsa participated in international conferences and seminar with presentations covering his area of practice.

Key Registered Nurse
  • Chrysanthi Stylianou – RN, BS, MSc in Wound Healing & Tissue Repair – Graduated from the Department of Nursing of Cyprus University of Technology, Chrysanthi did her training practice in Nicosia General Hospital in the departments of Pneumonology, Orthopaedics, Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric, General Surgery A, and Haemodialysis. In 2016 she also obtained a Master degree from Frederick University, as MSc in Community Health Care / Wound Prevention and Care.